Here is part two of the photos shot between February and April on the Leica M6. This time it's two different films - Portra 400 rated at 400 and 800 ASA and Cinestill 800t rated at 3200 ASA.

It was my first time shooting with the Cinestill Film and I really like the contrast and the strong color. It sometimes has weird artefacts and in certain situations it looks super strange, but I like that! The Portra still remains my favorite color film up until now. It is just so versatile and the colors are just wonderful.

In the last Blogpost I said that the film I had gotten back was all scratched up and I didn't know what from. I brought the film to a different lab and it's pretty much perfect, with just one or wo scratches, nothing major. So the mystery is solved and the lesson is learnt; It's better to spend a little bit more but get something good in return, than to save money and have your negatives ruined.

Over all I am very pleased with the outcome of the photographs. The lab did a great job developing them and I'm starting to understand how to optimize what I get out of my scanner. If you live in Zurich and need the best quality development definitely try Prociné in Wädenswil. I am sure they do a great job with printing and scanning too, but I can't guarantee that since I never print and I scan the pictures myself.